Mission Statement

It is the mission of Crossroads Life Homes to promote quality recovery housing through exceptional quality care standards as an effort to help individuals with long term recovery from alcohol and other drug use and addiction. Crossroads Life Homes is a safe and healthy living environment that promotes abstinence from alcohol and other mind-altering substances, The purpose of Crossroads Life Homes is to provide an environment to sustain recovery. CLH aims to improve one’s physical, mental, and social well-being. Our principles and practices are based on the core values of hope, compassion, respect, honesty, responsibility, and fairness during the journey to long lasting recovery 

Vision Statement

Crossroads Life Homes strives to provide a safe and helpful environment and support each resident in his or her recovery form addiction. It is our vision to empower residents to recover from addiction and continue living a safe and healthy life. All of our residents participate in the three phase 90 day intensive outpatient program to assist them to identify and reach their life goals. We envision all persons in recovery from addiction having access to all the care, support, and tools they need to live happier, healthier lives.  

Housing and Related Affiliations

In addition to Sober living facilities owned and operated by Crossroads Life Homes; Crossroads Substance Abuse Services Group works with existing FARR certified Sober Living Homes in the Naples/ Fort Myers area. We work closely with our partners on many levels and assist them in achieving all necessary accreditations and certifications as needed.

Crossroads Life Homes has formulated its Policies and Procedures to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all residents. Group living can pose challenges under the best circumstances. Our goal is to provide clear defined guidelines for all residents. The overriding rule is treating others as you would like to be treated, speak to others as you would like to be spoken to, and give the respect you would like to receive.

A copy of the Crossroads Life Homes Resident Handbook is available upon request. 



 Crossroads Substance Abuse Services Group in coordination with Crossroads Behavioral Health Center has developed a three-phase 90-day intensive outpatient recovery program designed to improve the quality of life for people suffering with substance abuse and other related mental health disorders. The program phases are designed to bring about the necessary changes that leads to a more productive, content, and fulfilled life.  

Crossroads mission, in addition to achieving long term sobriety, is to assist the individual’s reintegration back into society through goal identification, realization, and implementation. Our three phase / 90-day IOP program provides the patient with the insight, skills, and pathway to realize their goals and dreams at less than one third the cost of a typical private 30-day Rehab program.  


Outpatient drug rehab programs vary in the number of days per week and hours per day of attendance. The right outpatient program depends on your treatment needs. Below are the three most common outpatient options: 

High-Intensity Outpatient Treatment (PHP)

Also known as day treatment or partial hospitalization, this is the highest level of outpatient drug and alcohol rehab, typically meeting five to seven days a week for up to six hours a day. Some people start drug rehab in our high-intensity level of care and others transition into this program after completing inpatient addiction treatment. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Treatment is four days a week and includes a variety of groups and individual sessions. 

Low-Intensity Outpatient Treatment

Low-intensity outpatient care is typically a transition program that follows a higher level of care. As your recovery progresses from clinically managed to increasingly self-managed, you will be involved in less-frequent rehab programming and continuing care groups.

. Continuing Care Groups

Sometimes referred to as aftercare, these counseling groups typically meet one day a week. Many are specific to a particular patient population, such as men or women, older adults, or individuals with opioid addiction. At Crossroads, these groups are facilitated by a licensed counselor, and patients take part only after completing an inpatient or outpatient treatment program.  The Crossroad’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is the next step for clients who have completed inpatient, residential, or partial hospitalization and desire additional treatment. Clients with scheduling conflicts or responsibilities that won’t allow inpatient care will benefit from the flexibility of our IOP and our holistic substance abuse treatment. 

Monday-Friday afternoon and evening sessions

Weekends morning, afternoon. and evening sessions

Designed by experts in the field of substance abuse and mental health, our curriculum offers sessions daily in the afternoon and evening with additional morning sessions on the weekends. With only ten hours of weekly treatment, this flexibility allows you to live your best life while continuing the journey of sobriety! 

Clients live at home while attending a minimum of twenty-four sessions. If requested, The Crossroad’s Intensive Outpatient Program helps with locating suitable sober housing.  Crossroads Intensive Outpatient Program creates a treatment plan specific to each clients’ needs. We holistically treat substance abuse with individual sessions, group therapies, holistic therapies, family sessions, and other evidence-based practices. Our residents meet with their counselor for private one-on-one sessions and focus on their needs, goals, and progress towards long-term sobriety